About Come On Aussie

I'm Stephen Spry, the proprietor of Come On Aussie, and have been online as a full-time website designer since the early days of the Internet… way back in 1995.

The Come On Aussie (COA) name came into being one late night early in 2002, when I discovered that the domain name hadn’t been taken.

I decided to take a chance with the “quirky” name because it epitomised what I was doing on the Internet… supporting Australian businesses and helping them get onto the Internet.

COA seemed like the ideal avenue to help promote Australian businesses even further…

And perhaps to encourage an Australian audience to be a little more “patriotic” about the Internet, and visit and support other LOCAL Aussie websites instead of surfing the world!

Ten years later in 2012, COA is still going strong!!!

And some quite diverse websites have been added to the "family".

I continue to offer free online promotion for businesses with my primary focus still being website submissions to my directory based websites.

In particular, my flagship directory @ Come On Aussie has developed a great reputation with the wider business and search community! And this carries over to all the other sites in the network!

Across these sites, I can provide extremely affordable online advertising services for Australian small business owners... affordable, because I am quite aware of how hard things are out there in the real world :)

I strongly believe in full transparency online, and encourage you to make contact and have a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your small business Internet needs.

I look forward to chatting with you at some stage!

Stephen Spry