Feature Your Site With Us!

Remember when milk had cream? And the cream always rose to the top?

Well, we also feature the best sites so they can always appear near the top of our results...

There are several options available to feature your site prominently on the various websites in our network.

Your Featured Options

Options to feature your business prominently at Come On Aussie, or on other sites in our network, include:

  • Paid Inclusion of overseas (NOT from Australia or NZ) websites, in the Come On Aussie directory.

  • Feature Your Business on Come On Aussie with a:
    • Top of Page Listing
    • Enhanced Business Listing
    • Premium Listing Package
  • Advertise Your Business across the network using:
    • Sponsored Links
    • Display Advertising
    • Text Link Advertising
  • Pick Your Own Package and save even more!

We also provide...

  • Press Release / Article Submissions on any of our network sites
  • Video / Youtube Promotion – Your biz in 30 secs on Youtube!
  • Other Internet Consultancy Services

These options are described in further detail on the main (desktop) website.

Rest assured... All are designed to better brand you, your business and your products/services, and are available at affordable rates which don't break the budget!

Current Featured Customers

Our current featured websites include some big (and not so big) names... such as:

Many of these are long-term customers for one or more years... some even up to three-four years.

So Talk To Me Now...

Please, review the options above... If you have any questions or comments I am more than happy to chat to you about any concerns.

To email/phone your advertising enquiry or booking, please contact me directly!

Stephen Spry